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So dark it seems
as I peer out the window
to see what lies ahead
I cannot feel or hear,
I just see what will become
because it is what i make of it
for tomorrow is another beginning
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UGH, she needs to keep herself out of my business. She's made me late for work/school and like made an effort to work with uncle don, but not with me, she keeps trying to hard. ITS ANNOYING!!!! thank god that we are staying at uncle mikes for the next couple of days. I don't know how much longer this can go on for. I really keep considering the move out and in with mom. but I wouldn't mind moving in with jerr. I don't want to be all psychological about everything, but maybe I'm mad at her as differment, and I am mad jeremy is moving, so I take it out on the one nearest? the only thing is that she is really doing things to piss me off. I keep hibernating in my room, like i used to at moms when things would piss me off. I don't want to do this, and I don't think that it should happen. but I don't know much better right now. Oh well I get to talk to Jen today, it should help. thank god she is LEAVINGGGGGGGG
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So things have been so rough lately. I'm spent. I worked the whole weekend to avoid what was really bothering me. I'm remeniscing old show choir songs, i want to hear them all, but for some reason, I only loaded like 5 songs to my itunes.
So, here's my story of the day. I had to go to another site today, and the whole group was outside. The kids were playing with stuff they found on the ground, one boy picks up a condom and puts it over his hand. it was gross, funny, and i dk... but this poor kid, we told the mom, and she was like so laughing. yeah so thats my story of the day...
Sarah is sleeping here, at my house. and its rough. like I dk. ok well i am gunna go do some stuff...ttys
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jerrs room
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I feel like I am living through it again. I feel so much for SJO, she's getting it worse than he did, because i think she gave her mom more credit than he did. She lives practically alone, and now L is stealing her money, not buying her food, and just up and leaving for weekends at a time without telling her. Oh, and i forgot the part where L hasnt talked to SJO in over 2 months, unless it was in passing. my heart goes out to SJO. I don't know what to do.
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today i am all in a mood that today is the beginning of the rest of my life, I am all gung-ho about this new diet thing. No lactose, No corn. I can't have them because I'm lactose intolerant, and corn syrup has made my throat itchy. So, Here goes!
Back in school. LOVING IT! & totally working hard. ok so I'm going to go get stuff done.
hopefully I'll write again soon...


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i hate this whole Jeremy working on sundays thing... it used to be our day. we'll have to talk to dave.
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crushed crushed
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not much has been happening...except life...:-)
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It's been ok. Comp is at Kims, so I'm on aunties. I've been hooked on this slide show I'm making for mom. I really need to stop caring what other people think. How can I sit there and tell kids just to brush things off, when I am unable... anyways. Things are ok. looking up. New job is great! I've got two little art projects given to me by two of the girls, I had a boy give me a hug before he left it was CUTE and let me tell you this 5 year old has the MOST ADORABLE EYES! and I had a little 5 year old cry because she missed her father. It's been all its cracked up to be. Doing HW, Playing games, having fun interaction with kids. :-) catch ya later...
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i just called to say i love you
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School starts soon. You missed the fiasco about Jeremy's mom not finding a place, and Jeremy recieving the eviction notice, and him telling off his mum, and him moving in with me at aunties. Sarah is still rapped up in the mess, Jessie is in florida. I've been dealing with that and other stressors lately. I cannot believe the UML parking stickers now cost 144$ each... rediculous!
ok I'm out...
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Ok. So it really bugs me when people say one thing then show the other. It puts me in an awkward position, and I'm sure it puts them in an awkward position.
Well, I'm going to the mall with kelsi on thursday night, it will be wicked awesome!! Jen and i are gunna hang out more over the summer, we went to see shrek 3 last night. I saw it for the 2nd time, it was great! yay people i can hang out with!! its exciting.
I pulled 41.75 hours last week! it was EXCITING! :-) I am sooo excited. next week, I'll work 40 hours for elaine, and wednesday will be me and two of my favorite little boys! Alex and Andrew. Ooo I also got signed up for a credit card to get my brakes done!! HOORAAYYY Oh well, I'll be good to it. I know, but its sad that the people who are in my life now are telling me I'll be very responsible with it, and the know it all parental figures are saying that I am gunna fuck it up. oh well. breakfast with auntie pam in a half hour so i must run! :-* toodles

PS jeremys mom still hasnt found a place.
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